3D Modelling
EAS offer a three dimensional modelling service using the latest software. 
Models are used for several purposes in aiding design clarity, giving the client and/or planners a more vivid idea of how their project will look which can sometimes be difficult when you only have 2D plans. They can be used for quick sketch schemes or accurately finished detailed models which can be used in conjunction with sales posters. Planners will always question how the proposed design, from size, position, detail etc will act upon the existing area therefore a site model showing the existing scheme compared to the proposed scheme is an ideal tool in aiding your own more realistic visualisation and persuade the planners that the project is appropriate to the surrounding area. We have also used models for interior purposes which prove excellent in realising a spaces potential, from light dynamics to circulation.
Please see our examples of 3D models below used for different purposes in either gaining planning permission, gaining a clearer design or simply to create a sales poster to show off your project.
The cost for this service will depend upon size of the model question and how much detail is required. If you are not sure we can advise upon how much detail you will need for your requirement and then we can put together a competitive, no obligation quote.
If you require a 3D model or perspective graphic view please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a no obligation, competitive quote.
Architect In Crawley
Model 5:
Description: Full visualisation
Project: Proposed 3 bed. Contemporary/Traditional
Location: Horsham, Sussex
3D internal model by Ellisdon Architectural Services (EAS)
3D internal model by Ellisdon Architectural Services (EAS)
Contemporary Extension Design
Crawley Architect
Model 4:
Description: Working model to detailed
Project: Proposed 5 bed house
Location: Ditchling, East Sussex
The model also gives an accurate insight into sun direction allowing for solar gain to be exploited. 
The below render is a finished graphic showing the building materials chosen by the client.
New Build house by EAS and constructed by Benjamin AllenCrawley Architect
3D Model 3:
Description: Model created from planning drawings
Project: Proposed 5 bed house
This model initially began as a sketch model acting as a tool to identify which materials, from roof tiles, cladding and brickwork etc would suit the house and surrounding area most appropriately. The model then developed into a more detailed render, using Photoshop software to create the sales poster below (case study 1).
New Build House by EAS
New Build House by EAS
Crawley Architect
Existing / Proposed 3D Model 2:
Description: Before and after site model
Location: London
Project: Proposed third floor dwelling 
The street model (below) was created to show the planning department how the proposed development would impact upon the existing structure and surrounding structures. The planners were concerned about an 'overbearing' and an 'out of character' appearance upon existing surroundings. The model proved a success in proving these concerns wrong.
Ellisdon Architectural Services
Ellisdon Architectural Services (EAS)
Existing Site Model 1:
Ellisdon Architectural Services
3D Site model by Ellisdon Architectural Services